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Do you have a passion for leading young people into encounters? Answer the call today and apply to be a Mercy Missions Atlanta Team Leader.

Missions. Because there is always a reason to serve.

Be not afraid.

What is a Team Leader?

Mercy Missions Atlanta Team Leaders are bold young adults who are formed to lead missionaries into the streets of Atlanta to meet those in need with meaningful and profound encounters.



Download our yearly flyer to stay in the know of all missions throughout the year! 

What does it take to be a Team Leader?

Team Leaders are committed, driven, and bold young adults seeking to be Christ's hands and feet on the streets of Atlanta by guiding young people to encounter those in the most need. These young people should be actively seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have a passion for spreading the faith. Joining the Mercy Missions Atlanta team is a commitment to attending the majority of missions listed on the annual calendar including monthly missions, Advent missions, Holy Week missions, and Summer missions. 

Want to learn more about becoming a Mercy Missions Atlanta Team Leader? Contact our team at


Apply to become a team leader today! Our team will be in contact shortly after submission and review. 

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